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Highlights of India Today Hindi 26th January 2022, issue: Cover Story Omicron Visfot: Kitna Khatarnak? Don’t be fooled by Omicron’s milder manifestation. Covid’s new strain is spreading like wildfire and can be ignored only at our own peril. Upfront: Bulli Bai Deals Zahar Bujhi Boli The 21-year-old recluse became the national face of hatred, as Delhi Police arrested him on charges of being the creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app that put several Muslim women—journalists, activists, even the mother of missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed—up for an online ‘auction’.

Clearly inspired by the ‘Sulli Deals’ platform that surfaced last year. Upfront: Rajsi Vivad Asahaj Samjhauta A long-drawn-out legal battle between members of the erstwhile Jaipur royalty came to a close. The 15-year-old fight over the ownership of two prized properties—Jai Mahal Palace and Ram Bagh Palace—was finally resolved. Upfront: Theater Mayusi Ka Aalam Now third wave of pandemic strikes cinema theatres and washed out all the gains it got from long sting of lockdown.

Language Hindi
No of pages 60
Book Publisher India Today Group
Published Date 26 Jan 2022

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