The Mammoth Book Of Cocktails.

Paul Martin


In Circulation

If you think a dry martini is just a glass of dry vermouth with some ice and a splash of lemonade, then this intoxicating collection of cocktails is just what you need to shape up. Here, from cocktail whiz Paul Martin, are his bar-room secrets, in easy-to-follow recipes for the cocktail virgin and connoisseur alike, to make sure you mix cocktails that hit the right spot every time.

From archetypal classics - the dry Martini or Manhattan - to newer favourites - the Caipirinha or Long Island Iced Tea - there are sensationally sublime concoctions to tickle every fancy, plus 101 things you've never known about mixing your drinks.

Language English
ISBN-10 1-84119-724-B
No of pages 422
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Robinson
Published Date 17 Oct 2003

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