Rethinking the Corporation: The Architecture of Change

Robert M Tomasko



"Change or die" has become the rallying cry of companies around the globe. But despite these brave words, actual, tangible change often remains an ideal rather than a daily reality. Why is this? According to Tomasko, author of the much-lauded "Downsizing", it's because companies don't address the foundations - the very design and structure of their organization.

In "Architecture of Change", Tomasko shows how to go beneath the strategic and make structural change. To be achievable, this change must come from an architectural perspective: shaping change from the materials available (the core culture and strengths of the organization).

This book provides numerous examples and practical guidelines that should help resolve questions such as: what is the optimal size of the company, and how can it be achieved in a rational manner?; what is the best structure - a traditional hierarchy, flattened pyramid, networked cluster, or something else?; and how will the work actually be managed - the issues of setting direction and maintaining control, information flows, the nature of jobs, teams, and career paths?

Language English
ISBN-10 0-8144-5022-9
No of pages 213
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Book Publisher Amacom
Published Date 01 Dec 1993

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