Amar Chitra Katha : Tipu Sultan

Anant Pai



Tipu Sultan is one of the most controversial figures in Indian history. One school hails him as a valiant warrior who fought for his honour and for his country; another describes him as a ruthless and bigoted ruler. Recent researches show that Tipu was "more sinned against than sinning". As B.S Gidwani points out, Tipu was the only ruler in the eighteenth century who did not side with the English at any time in a war against his fellow countrymen. Had Tipu succeeded in forming a united front with the support of the Nizam and the Marathas, the British would not have enslaved the country as easily as they did. The fall of Tipu paved the way for British supremacy in India. Even Nana Phadnavis, a bitter opponent of Tipu, acknowledged his vital role. "Tipu is finished," he remarked, "Poona wll now be the next victim. Evil days are ahead. There seems to be no escape from destiny."

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