A Half Baked Love Story

Anurag Garg /Gunjan Narang



A Half Baked Love Story: "Not" A Sweet Love Recipe..! revolves around the protagonist Aarav who believes in multiple flings, is carefree and arrogant, roams with stupid friends and drinks all the time. He is a typical filthy-rich guy who doesn't care about female sentiments and their feelings.

But there's one more side to him that is unknown to others. A past which has enough substance to make one's heart melt like wax. It goes down into the memory lane of Aarav and reveals a darker truth. The truth of Aarav's life to which he is the only witness and which altered him entirely is the tale of his first love Anamika.

The story is sharp in regards to the message it aims to convey to the readers. Whatever happens, life must go on. Both Aarav and Anamika never met each other after their little story, but she is still with him as a guiding light of his life. It's a story where two cultures collide with lots of ups and downs and ending unexpectedly,

which will take the reader's breath away. A lover's delight and a gut-wrenching story for few who still have some desires of love left in them from their past, A Half Baked Love Story: "Not" A Sweet Love Recipe..! was published in paperback as 1st edition in 2012.

Language English
ISBN-10 978014346455
No of pages 209
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 20 Apr 2016

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Author : Anurag Garg /Gunjan Narang

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