Forever Young : Unleasing The Magic Of Ayurveda

Reenita Malhotra Hora


In Circulation

Drawing on the 5000-year-old Indian household tradition of natural health – Ayurveda – Forever Young helps you create a lifestyle focused on looking and feeling radiant throughout your life, and on revealing the health and beauty within you. A comprehensive quiz starts you on the way to personalizing your skincare, yoga practice and diet to match your unique body and personality type, all through simple steps that are easy to include in your busy life.

Whether your custom health and beauty plans include the cooling ritual of a milk and rice water bath, meditative breathing techniques to complement your workout or the cleansing effects of a detox weekend, this book blends inviting text with informative how-tos so you can attain balance and a healthy glow.

The author, a natural health consultant who has been practising Ayurveda all her life, demonstrates how to make its benefits work for you – through customized yoga routines, specific detox techniques, diet or massage and customized beauty treatments perfected for individual needs. Combining expert advice and guidance, Forever Young points the way to health and beauty that starts inside and lasts for as long as you live.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789382616023
No of pages 151
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Pan Macmillan India
Published Date 19 Dec 2012

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