Risk Issues And Crisis Management.

Michael Regester & Judy Larkin



The reputation of an organization influences who we buy from, work for, supply to and invest in. In today s complex environment, organizations have to understand and respond rapidly to shifting public values, rising expectations, demands for public consultation and increasingly intrusive news media. This is particularly important when things go wrong. This third edition of Risk Issues and Crisis Management has been completely revised and aims to define reputation, explore how to value it and provide practical guidelines for effective reputation management.

It features new sections on the rise of the socially conscious consumer and the new n n-government world order as well the growing imperative for corporate social responsibility. Featuring new case studies on the MMR vaccine, the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola s launch of Dasani water and Shell oil reserves, as well as issue management models from organizations such as Daimler-Chrysler, Dow Chemicals and Westpac, this book charts how rapidly the reputation management agenda moves and yet how slowly businesses learn.

Written in a practical, lucid and easy-to-follow style, Risk Issues and Crisis Management shows how issues and crises can be handled successfully and effectively with minimum damage and disruption.

Language English
ISBN-10 0749445300
No of pages 236
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Kogan Page
Published Date 01 Jan 2005

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