The Turtle And The Stars: Observations Of An Earthbound Astronomer

Arthur Upgren


In Circulation

“An approachable potpourri, Upgren’s essays will delight and inform astronomy buffs, whether students or recreational readers.” —Booklist

Why is a clear sky brighter near the horizon while a cloudy one is at its lightest overhead? What color is the atmosphere of Mars, and might it someday appear as blue as ours? How is it that the Milky Way casts shadows? Why does the Taj Mahal glimmer when you gaze up at it?

In The Turtle and the Stars, astronomer Arthur Upgren guides us through the physical phenomena that produce our sky and galaxy in all their variety and moods. He invites us to contemplate the natural beauty of the universe: a leatherback turtle depositing her eggs under a sky lit only by Venus, a total solar eclipse in Venezuela, the play of the spectrum on the cathedral at Chartres.

Sprinkled with references to history, literature, film, and music, The Turtle and the Stars is a treasure trove of information for armchair astronomers and naturalists alike.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-0805072907
ISBN-13 978-0805072907
No of pages 272
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Holt Paperbacks
Published Date 01 May 2003

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Author : Arthur Upgren


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