A Soldier'S Quest

Lori Handeland


Bobby Luchetti, a U.S. Special forces officer returns home from the middle-east to find that his brother has married the woman he loves. While taking a break, from the foces and his family, he is assigned to go to Mexico to resue Dr. Jane Harker. He tries to keep focused on his work, to forget about what his brother did to him, but when he meets Jane everything changes. From the beginning that have chemistry with eachother. Jane liking Bobby for being the muscular, sensative 'Soldier Boy' and Bobby into Jane because of her intellegence and wit. They make it through the jungle, and their relationship is tested once they get back to the United States. Bobby is caught between his job to protect Jane and his feelings for her. As they travel from Mexico, to Washington D.C., to smalltown Illinois you see Bobby and Jane's relationship grow and complicate. Which is just the beginning because a drug lord has it in for Jane. I really enjoyed this book. The chemistry between Bobby and Jane is so natural, they both sort of fall into it. It's a great read, and even worth re-reading. It's definantly one of HarleQuin's better books. Also recommended: To Protect His Own, The Daughter He Never Knew, Dear Cordelia... Find Related Items Browse Books Romantic Fiction Themes Occupations - Fiction Contemporary Romance Search Related Subjects Fiction Contemporary Romance - General Romance - Captured, Indentured, and Enslaved Soldiers - Fiction
Language English
ISBN-10 978-0-263-85693-4
No of pages 379
Book Publisher Mills & Boon
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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