Indian Folk-Tales And Legends

Pratibha Nath



Stories of wonder and wit, from far and near. Everyone will find a favorite story in this collection of folktales and legends. There is the story of Jumma the laborer, who thinks the Qazi of Jaipur is actually his donkey! And the strange adventure of Dhania who, stealing out for a midnight snack, gets stuck in honey.

Or the account of how a lowly weasel put the mighty Yudhishthira in place. And what happens when Bhima tries to match his strength against that of Hanuman! Culled from all parts of the country and spanning heaven, earth and the netherworld, these stories let us into a world of enchantment, wisdom and loads of fun.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-14-038087-6
ISBN-13 9780140380873
No of pages 170
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin Random House India
Published Date 23 Aug 2016

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