Love in a wooden box

Yateen K suman



Four friends Gautam, Sandeep, Puresh and Deepak join India's premier engineering college, ISM-Dhanbad, after clearing the IIT-JEE in 1998. During their four years there, they experience some life altering moments. Gautam puts up a brave fight against his seniors during the ragging period and becomes a superhero overnight. He falls in love with his batch mate, Meenakshi, the most beautiful and intelligent girl he has met in his life. She always stands by him rock solid in all his ventures and helps him in the most unusual ways possible. Sandeep is crazily in love with his senior, Shikha, and needs to keep his relationship secret, as senior-junior love affair is taboo in campus. Puresh is an outright flirt and does not get too emotional about girls. He is found sleeping with a classmate during one of the tours to Calcutta.

Deepak is the most sober guy of the gang, who continues to add much needed stability to the gang. However, just a day before the third year exams, a murder changes their lives forever. Even as the police, college management and other agencies continue to search for the mastermind behind the murder, members of a terrorist organisation JFA hold hostage a high profile student of the batch and make three demands to the Government for his release. Amidst all this, the fight for the Gold Medallist of the batch continues and when the final day comes, the winner of the University Gold Medal is announced. Minutes later, the arrest of the mastermind has the entire campus in a state of shock and disbelief! Love in a Wooden Box is a suspense thriller placed in the context of ISM-Dhanbad, and displays how life at engineering colleges used to be during those times when mobile phones were a luxury. From ragging period, cultural festival and competition during sports meet to the dynamics of senior-junior relationship, it will take you back to the college days of a tension-free life full of fun, entertainment and usual "night-out" before an exam. The tender romance of youth and the pure sentiments of being on "top of the world" will encapsulate your senses. The reality of life strikes very hard towards the end and sometimes justifies the indefensible...

Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-81576-52-6
No of pages 289
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited

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Author : Yateen K suman

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