¡Obamanos! : The Birth of a New Political Era

Hendrik Hertzberg



"Hertzberg has a novelist's control of metaphor and a comedian's gift for the one-liner."-The New York Times Book Review

¡Obámanos! is powered by celebrated political essayist Hendrik Hertzberg's "Comments" for The New Yorker's "The Talk of the Town" and the personal blog he began keeping on the magazine's Web site fifteen months before the election.

Hertzberg follows the players and the stars while examining the issues that emerged as critical during the debates such as health care, the Iraq war, and the economic crisis. Through his observation and analysis of the campaign's defining moments, we come to see the current political landscape in a new light.

¡Obámanos!--the title inspired by a poster Hertzberg saw on a dusty road near Santa Fe-heralds the opening of a new era in American politics.

Language English
ISBN-10 014311803X
ISBN-13 9780143118039
No of pages 341
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin Books
Published Date 26 Oct 2010

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Author : Hendrik Hertzberg

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