AS YOU SOW : 7 Untold Secrets of Parenting



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If you are reading this, it tells me one thing sure about you, that "You are sincerely interested in raising the bar of your Parenting." Not because there is any flaw, but of the mega-sized effort it takes to sync with our child's generation. Consider two fundamental questions, which had been my favorite opening line for each of my workshops. 1) Do you want your child to create a GREAT FUTURE? 2) Do you want to develop a LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIP with your child? 100% of parents around the world would answer this as "Yes," but less than 1% percent have a foundational clarity on " How they would assure this?".

This book "As you Sow" gives you 7 Untold secrets of Parenting, which has been solely researched upon by speaking to some of the finest Academician, Psychologists, Behavioral Therapists, Researchers, HR Professionals and personal interview with parenting role-models around the country.

Each of the secrets discussed in this book is highly practical and can be immediately applied by you. If you approach this secret mentioned in this book with openness and willingness to deep dive into to the essence of parenting. I promise a new wave of trust, engagement, and meaning will take birth between you and your dear child for a lifetime.

In a nutshell, I am inviting you to explore those essential secrets that have the potential to initiate a " Distinct Parenting style - which your child deserves" not what we feel like giving.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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