Wireless Rules: New Marketing Strategies for customer Relationship Management Anytime, Anywhere

Frederick Newell



In 2001 the nuber of firms engaging in e-commerce is expected to sky rocket from 600,000 to 2.5 million with more than half a billion people expected to be using some kind of wireless device by 2003. As these conditions foster a revolution in wireless communications, companies are finding new ways to lead the charge in around-the-clock, one-to-one communication with their customers. This text outlines a paradigm for marketing: m-marketing, incorporating mobile, wireless, e-commerce and customer communication.

This wireless world opens the doors for opportunities - and risks - for marketing professionals. While computer giants like Microsoft, Sun, and Oracle develop programs for wireless devices, marketers must learn to jump ahead of the curve in order to remain competitive.

The authors explain how challenging new telecom technologies will impact CRM and what marketers can do to keep customers for life by developing succesful CRM projects in a wireless world. This study helps marketing professionals reach their customers in a way that simple CRM or database marketing cannot. The authors go beyond strategic frameworks and share new ways to offer customer-centric listen-and-learn techniques in today's have-it-now culture of wireless communication.

Complete with case studies and action steps readers learn how to improve customer loyalty with individualized messages, how to make the most of B2B opportunities and how to tackle privacy issues.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Mobile-Centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

    • The book may emphasize the shift towards mobile-centric strategies for managing and enhancing customer relationships.
  2. Real-Time Marketing Opportunities:

    • Wireless marketing often involves real-time interactions. The book might discuss leveraging the immediacy of wireless communication for marketing opportunities.
  3. Personalization and Targeting:

    • Wireless marketing allows for personalized and targeted campaigns. The book may explore how businesses can use wireless technology to tailor marketing messages to individual preferences.
  4. Location-Based Marketing:

    • Given the anytime, anywhere nature of wireless communication, the book may discuss the use of location-based marketing strategies to engage customers in specific contexts.
  5. Multichannel Engagement:

    • Wireless rules might involve managing customer relationships across various channels seamlessly. The book may provide insights into effective multichannel engagement.
  6. Data Analytics for Wireless Marketing:

    • Analyzing data generated through wireless interactions could be a key theme. The book might discuss leveraging analytics for more effective and data-driven marketing strategies.
  7. Customer Experience Enhancement:

    • Enhancing the overall customer experience through wireless interactions could be a central focus. The book may offer strategies for providing seamless and positive experiences.
  8. Emerging Technologies:

    • Given the dynamic nature of the wireless industry, the book might explore how emerging technologies (such as 5G, IoT) impact marketing strategies and customer relationships.
  9. Integration with Traditional Marketing:

    • The book may discuss the integration of wireless marketing strategies with traditional marketing approaches to create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan.
  10. Regulatory and Ethical Considerations:

    • The anytime, anywhere nature of wireless marketing may bring up regulatory and ethical considerations. The book might address how businesses can navigate these aspects responsibly.
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ISBN-10 007137437X
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Published Date 01 Aug 2001

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