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Have you ever heard of any NRI who: Hasnt washed dishes and vacuumed carpets Hasnt missed any of his friends/ family members wedding in India Doesnt watch Indian movies, no matter how long he has been outside India Hasnt been to a striptease Doesnt indulge in Indian food whenever he visits India on a vacation Do you know any Indian who: Hasnt thought of moving out of India for a better, safer life Isnt fed up of the scams, traffic jams, filth, noise, crowd and crime that are part of everyday life Isnt tired of attending endless weddings, festivals, birthdays, farewells, parties, lunches and dinners that happen almost every second day in India Has never envied (secretly or openly) his friend / family member living outside India Hasnt wondered what makes NRIs return to India Welcome to the world of Kabir newly married and newly arrived in Sydney, hoping to live the glamorous and sophisticated life he has always dreamt of.

After all, a life without frantic competition, traffic jams, queues, dirt, corruption and social obligations (read evils) can be refreshingly convenient. Professional success, new friends, a sincere boss... everything seems to be going just fine. But doesnt this sound too good to be true? Coming straight from the horses mouth, Complete/ Convenient is a roller coaster ride through emotions and experiences as they really are and as you imagine them to be.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380349923
ISBN-13 9789380349923
No of pages 384
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 01 May 2013

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Author : Ketan Bhagat


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