Secret Of The Scribe

Douglas Misquita



A cave-expedition to the remote borders of China and Tibet unearth enigmatic discs that are believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. But their discovery is quickly squashed and erased from official records.

When venture capitalist Mark Steinberg launches Linguistics, Inc. and unveils cutting-edge nanotechnology-based communication, an enthralled human race is ready to proclaim the written and spoken word a thing of the past.

But unknown to the world, Linguistics is setting the stage for total control.

Leading the scattered resistance movement, Lance Michener wants to shut down the Linguistics network before the damage is total and irreversible.

At the center of the conflict is the hunt for the mythical Book of Thoth — the Book of Wisdom of the Gods; a Book that contains the secrets of the language of all earthly species and languages yet unknown.

And as Linguistics ushers in an era of global mind control, the race is on to prevent The Book from falling into the wrong hands.

Language English
ISBN-10 9381836108
ISBN-13 9789381836101
No of pages 332
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 02 Apr 2012

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Author : Douglas Misquita


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