The Secure Online Business

Adam Jolly


The Web is an exciting but unstable place to do business. The potential rewards are high but so are the risks and the effective management of these risks "online" is likely to be the greatest business enabler/destroyer of the early 21st century. Risk to the integrity, availability and confidentiality of e-business activities comes in many forms - fraud, espionage, viruses, spamming, denial of service - and the potential for damage or irretrievable loss is very real. Information security is no longer an issue confined to the IT department but is critical to all operational functions and departments within an organisation. Nor are the solutions purely technical - with two thirds of security breaches caused by human error, management controls and processes are equally important. This book is designed as a practical guide for managers in developing and implementing appropriate strategies for online risk management. Published in association with the Institute of Directors, the contributions draw on a wide range of expertise and know-how, both in IT and in other disciplines such as the law, insurance, accounting and consulting. Security should not be an afterthought in developing a strategy. It is an integral part of setting up sustainable new channels of communication and business.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-7494-3936-X
No of pages 210
Book Publisher Kogan Page
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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