Pop: Truth And Power At The Coca-Cola Company

Constance L Hays



Coca-Cola is the world's best-known brand, and perhaps the most quintessentially American one: a beverage with no nutritional value, sold variously as a remedy, a tonic and a refreshment. The story of Coca-Cola is also a tale of carbonisation, soda fountain shops, dynastic bottling businesses, and ultimately, globalisation and billion-dollar promotional campaigns. New York Times reporter Constance L. Hays examines the 119-year history of Coke - a story of opportunity, hope, teamwork and love as well as salesmanship, hubris, ambition and greed. There is an entirely new chapter for this paperback edition, covering the recent Dasani debacle and events since the hardback published in February 2004.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Corporate History: The book may delve into the history of the Coca-Cola Company, tracing its origins, key milestones, and significant events.

  2. Business Strategy: Expect insights into Coca-Cola's business strategy, including its marketing, branding, and global expansion efforts.

  3. Leadership Dynamics: The book might explore the leadership dynamics within the Coca-Cola Company, featuring key executives and their impact on the company's trajectory.

  4. Challenges and Controversies: Given the title "Pop: Truth and Power," the book may address challenges and controversies faced by Coca-Cola, such as legal issues, marketing controversies, or public relations challenges.

  5. Market Influence: You can anticipate a discussion on Coca-Cola's significant influence on the global beverage market and its competition with other major players.

  6. Brand Image: Insights into how Coca-Cola manages and shapes its brand image, and how this contributes to its success or challenges, may be explored.

  7. Corporate Culture: The book might touch upon the corporate culture at Coca-Cola, examining how it impacts decision-making and employee experiences.

  8. Industry Trends: Expect a discussion on broader trends within the beverage industry and how Coca-Cola positions itself in response to these trends.

  9. Global Impact: Explore the global impact of Coca-Cola, both economically and culturally, and its role in different markets around the world.

  10. Financial Performance: Insights into Coca-Cola's financial performance, including revenue trends, profitability, and investment strategies, may be covered.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-09-947257-0
No of pages 477
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Book Publisher Cornerstone Digital
Published Date 09 Jun 2010

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