The Godmen

Luke Johnson



Who are the godmen? How do they become who they are? How much power do they really have? And what can they do with it? These are some of the most interesting questions that this book endeavours to answer in detail.

With the popularity of the internet, the amount of information and jargon available online about godmen has increased rapidly; but most of it tends to be over complicated and superficial. This book, however, brings out and exposes the real truths of godmen in a comprehensible way. It penetrates at the heart of their godly work - to reveal how they are able to heal people miraculously with the "power of God" or through any other form of spirit. And challenges the exorcists who claim to have extraordinary spiritual powers that root out evil spirits.

The Godmen is a unique piece of work for anyone who wishes to know more about religion, faith, and its effects and consequences. It has an appealing revelation that could spawn controversy in the world of investigative journalism and media. But one which can also be a useful tool for tackling spiritual abuse worldwide.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354581649
ISBN-13 9789354581649
No of pages 73
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 30 Aug 2021

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Author : Luke Johnson


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