Behind The Lines.

Andrew Carroll



'Quite simply, this is one of the greatest, most riveting books of war letters I have ever read' - Stephen E. Ambrose on "War Letters". In 2001, Andrew Carroll authored the US top ten bestseller, 300,000 copy selling "War Letters" - a unique compilation of extraordinary correspondence from American soldiers serving in US conflicts throughout history.

Following the publication of this landmark work, Andrew was inundated with letters from soldiers all around the world (to date he has a staggering 75,000 letters). Inspired by these messages he embarked on a quest to discover other previously unpublished letters written during conflicts around the globe. For six exhausting months, Andrew travelled the world zealously collecting letters from over 35 different countries.

"Behind The Lines" is the remarkable anthology that has been put together as a result of this work. The first book of its kind, "Behind the Lines" will be a dramatic, intimate and unprecedented look at warfare as seen through the eyes of troops and civilians. Unparalleled in geographical and historical scope it covers all major global conflicts from the American Revolution up to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Featuring never before seen letters and emails from war zones and including the memories and thoughts from those on both sides of the hostilities documented, "Behind the Lines" will be a truly emotive and poignant depiction of war assembled by a uniquely talented and driven author who always keeps the general reader and narrative in mind.

Language English
ISBN-10 0091903408
ISBN-13 978-0091903404
No of pages 501
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Book Publisher Ebury Press
Published Date 07 Jul 2005

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