Traditional to Modern Feminism A Shift of Power, Not Values

Ashmit Bhardwaj



I consider myself a traditional feminist. However, through the course of several decades, feminism has slowly radicalized itself. Feminism used to be about equality between the sexes and treating people with dignity. However, now, feminism is full of dangerous, iniquitous, and harmful ideologies which irreparably and seriously harm the people of our society, both men and women. Some of these ideologies include glorifying promiscuity, wrecking the nuclear family br>Unit, false victimhood narratives, modern gender theory, the steady societal and institutional feminisation of men, and so much more. In this book, we are going to debunk these ideologies, and you are going to learn about how evolutionary Biology, masculinity, femininity, moral values, and ethics made our civilisation great, and how modern, radical feminism seeks to undermine these values, ethics, traditions, and norms, posing a great detriment to our society and harming everyone in the process.

Language English
ISBN-13 9789354583667
No of pages 227
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 23 Jul 2021

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Author : Ashmit Bhardwaj


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