Ohh Yes, I Am Single And So Is My Girlfriend

Durjoy Datta


From a fat, ugly nerd who never had it in him to stand close to anyone form the opposite sex to someone who gets dumped form breakfast and asked out again by brunch this story traces the life and times of guy, who has time innate ability to fall in love.. as well as fall out of it. Even a fling is a duding short relationship for him as he goes on looking for the one who will make the stars in the sky shine a little brighter for him. So who's the girl of his dreams? The seven year old crush? The first girl he ever kissed> the first girl he ever slept with? The one who never really loved him? Or the one he never intended to dump? Which one to these always has him crawling back to her every time his heart lay broken in his palms? Which one of these faces will he never be able to push out his head? It's always been easy for him to decide who he doesn't love. Will he finally be able to decide who he really loves?
Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-80349-27-5
No of pages 227
Book Publisher aghjkl
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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