Sunny Side Up

Anu Hasan


In Circulation

People always tell me, 'You're such a positive andhappy person,' and it always makes me think, Hah!I'm such a good actor.Actor, model, anchor, entrepreneur: Anu Hasan has beenout there living her life, loving people, working hard andgiving it her best shot. Ask her and she'll tell you: life's afunny thing.There are decisions to be made and lessons to be learnt.

There are things to be done and people to be mollified.In this candid and entertaining account of her life, Hasanwields that most powerful of weapons against the world:her sense of humour. Her unabashed acceptance of herown foibles will have you smile; her unapologetic stancetowards life and people might even raise a few eyebrows.But hey, Hasan's got her Sunny Side Up. Have you?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789351363866
ISBN-13 9789351363866
No of pages 280
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Collins
Published Date 30 Dec 2014

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Author : Anu Hasan


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