Salam - Divine Revelations from the Actual God

Shyam D. Buxani



Salam contains Shyam D. Buxani's best and faithful transcription of God's magnificent teachings as he experienced them.

Salam's soaring verse and incisive prose provide answers to mankind's deepest unanswered questions. Its penetrating insights provide guidance for our spiritual needs, guidelines for our daily lives and a new message for our modern world.

The book's powerful clarifications about the nature of good and the agenda of evil and the purpose for our existence is expected to inspire some, outrage others and cause everyone to re-evaluate their spiritual lives.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-0972395533
No of pages 600
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Sau Salam Foundation
Published Date 25 Feb 2003

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Author : Shyam D. Buxani

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