Stolen Magic

M J. Putney


A follow-up to A KISS OF FATE, this historical romantic fantasy, set in the mid-18th century, is the second book about the Guardians, a group of magically talented British families. The Guardian Council has tasked Simon Malmain, the Earl of Falconer, with punishing renegade Lord Drayton for violating Guardian law. Instead, the evil mage turns the tables on Simon by transforming him into a unicorn. But Drayton’s plan to sacrifice Simon and gain untold magical power through possession of the unicorn horn is thwarted by Meg, a young woman whose magic, beauty, and intelligence have been shrouded for 10 years by Drayton’s evil spells. As the two struggle to defeat Drayton’s sinister schemes and break the enchantments placed upon them, Simon and Meg develop feelings for one another as strong as the magic they bear, and that strength may be the most powerful weapon they possess....
Language English
ISBN-10 0-345-47690-5
No of pages 410
Book Publisher Ballantine Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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