Unfinished Portrait: Beyond the Painting

Aleli Rescobel



Asteria Verano is a fresh graduate of fine arts. Frustrated at work with all the loads as a freelancer, she decided to accept the invitation of her friend to the exhibit in their estate, not to mention her friend was so persistent for her to come.

The trip would have been great since she admired the famous painter, however, acquiring flu on her travel made her head spin throughout the tour, it got worse when the same night, her friends played a lame prank on her that made her paint an unfinished portrait, that is rumored to be cursed aside from it's disrespectful, it transported her to another period and place.

Suddenly, she was on a plaza in broad daylight, unfamiliar faces eyeing her like she's doing something wrong, people calling her a different name, a man claiming her his fiancé, and meeting the painter who did not finish the painting, however, he told her he never lifts a brush, as a matter of fact, he's a doctor, nothing more, nothing less.

Asteria was not only stuck in the past but she was also bound in an identity that has a bad reputation, a wedding to be prepared, another stranger appeared inside her bedroom calling her "Mi Alma" and questions she had a hard time seeking to find the answers to, starting with three: why is she here? How will she return? and Why is the unfinished portrait cursed?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354907463
ISBN-13 9789354907463
No of pages 264
Book Publisher Ukiyoto Publishing
Published Date 17 Dec 2021

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Author : Aleli Rescobel


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