Jinnah : India Partition Independence

Jaswant Singh



India's partition can be classified as one of the most scarring events of the twentieth century. It has deeply affected the psyche of more than four generations in the nation. Jinnah: India - Partition Independence talks about the possible reasons for the partition, though a single and definite answer ceases to exist.

The author, Jaswant Singh, starts off by talking about Jinnah's political journey. Jinnah was a strong proponent of unity among Hindus and Muslims but eventually he was the sole voice of the Muslim community in the country.

Jinnah is regarded as Pakistan's creator and Singh tries to explain the reason behind such a transformation.

No Pakistani or Indian politician or member of parliament has tried to present a political and analytical biography of Jinnah. The author questions the origin of the idea of Muslims as a separate nation and talks about where it has led India. It then talks about the future of both nations. Jinnah: India - Partition Independence is a special piece of literature that is written by an innovator and practitioner of policy, in search of truth.

Singh concludes by telling readers that for lasting peace to return, in southern Asia, it is vital for people to comprehend the reason for its sudden abandonment. Through the course of his book, he also examines the possible roles played by the Congress party and the British, in the partition.

This edition of Jinnah: India - Partition Independence was published by Rupa and Co., in 2009.

Language English
ISBN-10 8129113783
ISBN-13 9788129113788
No of pages 653
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Book Publisher Rupa
Published Date 01 Aug 2009

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