The Mommy MD Guide To Pregnancy and Birth

Rallie McAllister & Jennifer Bright Reich



Pregnancy is an amazing journey, but it also can be a nerve-wracking one, filled with questions and concerns. To whom do moms-to-be turn for the most trusted, reassuring advice? The Mommy MD Guides!

The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth is filled with tips and advice from 60 Mommy MD Guides—doctors who are also mothers. They’re experts, squared! Combined, they draw from hundreds of years of experience as physicians, and among them, they have 146 children!

The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth offers tips on both the challenges and the celebrations of pregnancy. You’ll discover how Mommy MD Guides made it through pesky pregnancy challenges such as morning sickness, back pain, and heartburn. You’ll also learn how they enjoyed wonderful celebrations of pregnancy such as telling their partners the good news, attending baby showers, and meeting their babies for the first time.

This book is a reassuring look at pregnancy that’s filled with practical, actionable tips that work. After all, if a physician juggling a busy practice and a hectic home life or a resident working 110 hours a week used a tip, no doubt it worked. And if it worked for her, it’ll likely work for you too.

The book is divided into 43 chapters, one for each week of pregnancy plus chapters about the baby’s birth. Each chapter opens with a “Your Baby This Week” section, which details his or her development over the next seven days, and is filled with tips about the topics particular to that week. In addition to more than 900 tips, the book also features the following three types of sidebars.

Language English
ISBN-13 978-93-86450-39-5
No of pages 502
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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