Jack Welch And The Ge Way

Robert Slater


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Get inside the mind of Jack Welch, GE's bold innovator.

"Jack Welch is a genius at making all who work for him raise the level of their game. We've had some friendly differences but we always find common ground; I think he's the smartest boss I've ever had and he signs my pay checks!"
---Tom Brokaw, Anchor and Managing Editor "NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw".

"If leadership is an art, then surely Welch has proved himself a master painter."
---BusinessWeek on Jack Welch.

Jack Welch doesn't believe in sitting still. His innovative, breakthrough leadership strategies as CEO have transformed GE into a highly productive, labor-efficient powerhousewith a staggering $200 billion-plus market capitalization. Now, at long last, senior managers and other executives can discover how to work the Welch magic on their own companies.

"Act like a leader, not a manager." Jack Welch and the GE Way reveals the strategies and secrets that have led to Jack Welch's stunning success. Veteran international business journalist Robert Slater, given unprecedented access to Welch and other prominent GE insiders, has crafted a brilliant portrait of what makes Jack Welch tick.

"Use the brains of every worker." Jack Welch is a man with a mission. Even though he has reached the summit of success, Welch continues to shake the cageand GE continues to be the envy of its global competitors. Read Jack Welch and the GE Way, and learn for yourself the insights and strategies that Jack Welch used to create the most valuable corporation in history.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Clear Vision and Strategy: Emphasize the importance of a clear vision and well-defined strategies to drive organizational goals and growth.

  2. Relentless Focus on Performance: Promote a culture of high performance, setting ambitious goals, and holding individuals and divisions accountable for results.

  3. Decentralized Decision-Making: Encourage decentralized decision-making to empower employees, foster innovation, and respond quickly to market changes.

  4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Stress the value of continuous improvement and innovation to stay competitive and drive company growth.

  5. People Development: Prioritize talent development and succession planning to cultivate a strong leadership pipeline within the organization.

  6. Meritocracy and Employee Engagement: Foster a meritocratic culture where talent is recognized, rewarded, and engaged in the company's success.

  7. Streamlined Operations: Implement efficient processes and streamlined operations to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

  8. Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering quality products and exceptional service.

  9. Strategic Acquisitions and Divestitures: Make strategic acquisitions and divestitures to enhance the company's portfolio and focus on core businesses.

  10. Transparent Communication: Emphasize open and transparent communication to align employees with the company's vision and values.

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Published Date 24 Mar 2003

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