The Post Office

Rabindranath Tagore





One of our most enduring inspirational works, The Post Office returns to North America with this handsomely illustrated new edition, offering hope and healing for us all. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, the greatest writer of modern India, wrote The Post Office in 1911, following a deep personal loss. In beautiful, simple prose, Tagore tells the story of a young boy, confined to his sickbed on doctor's orders.

Seated beside his window, he longs to join the world outside, where children play in the street and others scurry about, preoccupied with their daily routines. Greeting everyone who passes by his house, from the local curd seller, to the town watchman, to the lovely flower girl, Sudha, Amal - with his touching curiosity - teaches others life's simple but essential truths while awaiting his own spiritual liberation.

Language English
ISBN-10 81-7167-613-8
ISBN-13 978-8171676132
No of pages 59
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 01 Feb 2002

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