Sorrows Of Joy

Manoj R Udasi


In Circulation

‘Your mother’s death was not natural, it was foul play. Nobody knows about it. If you want to know the truth, meet father Wilson. He is admitted to St. Joseph’s hospital. Stay safe.’

Joyce Fernandes received this letter a few days after her mother's funeral. She meets Detective Tilak Majumdar who investigates the mystery and unfolds some shocking secrets. But, will he discover the truth? What price will Joyce have to pay to find the truth? 

‘Sorrows of Joy’ is a thrilling story of Joyce Fernandes who had faced tragedies in her life since childhood. Her father left her and her mother a long time ago and no one has his whereabouts. She is also dealing with a mental condition known as Schizophrenia due to which she hallucinates about herself in the costume of a joker which is also related to her past. Read the complete story to feel the pain and sorrows of Joyce Fernandes.

Sorrows of Joy – "The Story of Joy. But Not a Joyful Story"

Language English
ISBN-10 9781637453063
ISBN-13 9781637453063
No of pages 228
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher notion press
Published Date 15 Dec 2020

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Author : Manoj R Udasi


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