Every Time I Wake Up

V.p Singh



Every time I wake up It is night. The world is just beyond My hospital window My only company A distant window light. That too goes off? The poems in this collection reveal some surprising facets of V.P. Singh, known primarily as one of India's toughest politicians, as he examines the complexities of attachment and love.

Interspersed with these deeply personal reflections are mordant observations of a more prosaic world?of power and being out of it, the 'business' of news, and the plight of the homeless.

 The poems are striking for their honesty, as when he writes about his illness, and immediate in their impact, at times possessing a spare beauty that has the same mesmerizing effect as does looking down into a clear, crystalline pool. Complementing some of the poems is a series of striking images drawn by the author.

Language English
ISBN-10 06-7099-6032
No of pages 90
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher penguin
Published Date 01 May 2006

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