The Adventures of OM & MO

Sneha Shashi Kumar



MO, a young panda is brought to Bubaland forests in India. While exploring her new home in the jungles, MO meets Angka, a hornbill & Fero, a tortoise. The three of them become very good friends and are seen having gala moments in the forests. The scene from Bubaland takes a twist when Fero's life is in danger, leaving MO & Angka in a fix. OM, a wise bull comes to their rescue suggesting the Sacred Nectar from the Secret Valley as the only way to rescue Fero. Both OM & MO set on an adventure ride in their two wheeler scooty in the middle of the night to draw the Sacred Nectar. While they encounter a lot of hurdles from the demon Mandeha, OM reveals some secrets that help MO to not just tackle the demon and bring home the Sacred Nectar but also gives a glimpse of her true purpose and identity. Drawing inspiration from the message of the Upanishads, the most precious wisdom of life has been presented in a story format through interesting sequences and plots with a sole objective of getting the youth to think and introspect about the highest dimension in life!

Language English
ISBN-13 9789354384967
No of pages 234
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 30 Jul 2021

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Author : Sneha Shashi Kumar


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