Adventures Of Jenny And John

Sulakhni Kaur Grewal



Jenny and John are twins in early teens, who are keen to serve the humanity, are adventurous, and blessed with magical and divine powers being crystal children. This book containing short stories is the first in series of their adventures and fight with evil. They do so along with other crystal children. The book is designed to bring out good human values while keeping the interest of children alive.

To keep the logic and flow intact, we have to go out of bounded rationality, which in this book has been done with help of magical and divine powers. The plot of the stories takes them from USA to India and back. Capt. Julian and other villains are ever ready to cause destruction and attempt to dominate the world but they fail in their missions due to crystal children helped by a Buddhist Monk. Since the Author is only ten years old the level of thinking of the readers and the author matches.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9383952649
ISBN-13 978-9383952649
No of pages 78
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 30 Sep 2015

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