How To Feed Friends And Influence People.

Militon Parker & Allyn Freeman


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Full of insightful wisdom, hilarious anecdotes, and tasty recipes, How to Feed Friends and Influence People tells the savory story of the Carnegie Deli, home of the world–famous gargantuan sandwich. Revealing the core business principles that have made the deli such a success, the book explains why and how the Carnegie became the delicatessen of choice for presidents, celebrities, at least one sultan, and millions of other (extremely) hungry diners from around the world. More than just a delightful and delicious tale of business success, this fascinating and funny book covers the deli?s history, shows you how to make a real Brooklyn egg cream, and piles up loads of New York history. So get cooking!

What will you learn from this book

  1. The Art of Hosting:

    • The book may provide insights into the art of hosting and entertaining friends, offering tips on creating enjoyable and memorable experiences.
  2. Cooking as a Social Activity:

    • It might emphasize the idea that cooking and sharing meals can be a social and bonding activity, bringing people together.
  3. Creative Recipes:

    • Expect creative and unique recipes that go beyond the ordinary, encouraging readers to experiment with flavors and techniques.
  4. Hospitality Tips:

    • The book may offer advice on how to be a gracious host, covering aspects such as setting the atmosphere, arranging the table, and attending to guests.
  5. Culinary Innovation:

    • Look for insights into culinary innovation, possibly exploring new and interesting approaches to food preparation and presentation.
  6. Personal Anecdotes:

    • Personal anecdotes or stories from the authors' experiences in hosting and entertaining may be shared, providing a relatable and engaging element.
  7. Celebration of Friendship:

    • The title suggests a focus on the celebration of friendship, with food acting as a means to strengthen and enjoy these connections.
  8. Culinary Lifestyle:

    • The book may extend beyond just recipes, offering a broader perspective on incorporating a love for food into one's lifestyle.
  9. Entertaining on a Budget:

    • Possible insights into entertaining without breaking the bank, including tips on budget-friendly recipes and ideas.
  10. The Social Importance of Food:

    • Expect a recognition of the social importance of food, not just as sustenance but as a central element in fostering connections and relationships.
Language English
ISBN-10 0471680567
ISBN-13 9780471680567
No of pages 171
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wiley
Published Date 18 Feb 2005

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