What ...If not I.I.T.?: "Doors are Always Open"

Suhail Abidi





Aditya gave a slight nod and Yash continued, ‘let us analyze these stepping stones step by step. We can write your perfect equation of success as: IIT Kanpur + IIM Ahmadabad = Dream Job. The only one miniscule, worthless, absolutely trashy achievement that you can boast of is that you somehow managed to fill in the right circles in that answer sheet on the day of the horror called —JEE. Nandini continued, ‘We are talking about getting a degree from some college, whereas, there are people whom the best colleges are dying to confer honorary degree but they don’t even bother to come and collect it.’ ‘Ding’ went the doorbell and I went to open the door. Black salwar suit, hair till shoulder, few of them guarding the forehead, very small silver earrings and a slick golden watch were adorning her 5 ft. 6 inches — without heel — structure. It was Shweta. Yeah... well... let me think...it’s a tough one. Just call her Dude. She has asked you to Call her. I don’t see you are left with an option here.’

Language English
ISBN-10 9380349777
ISBN-13 978-9380349770
No of pages 158
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 08 Jan 2012
Audio Book Length 04:08:47

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Author : Suhail Abidi


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