It's Time For Network Marketing: The Most Remarkable Form Of Free Enterprise Ever Created

John Milton Fogg



"It's Time... for Network Marketing". 52 industry experts and successful business building leaders explore and explain why "Network marketing is the most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created." Million-selling author of "The Greatest Networker in the World", John Milton Fogg, has spent more than 20 years "networking the networkers."

He's brought together the brightest hearts and minds inside and outside network marketing-the best of the best in the business to set the record straight... tell their true stories. No BS. No hype. Passionate. Exciting. The book is as relevant for anyone new to the business as those who've been here four-or-forty years and perfect for your prospects, it shows and tells beyond a shadow of a doubt what makes network marketing "the business for the rest of us" and the best way for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary income.

Contributors include: Lou Abbott, Margie Aliprandi, Robert Allen, Scott Allen, Jim Bartlett, Richard Brooke, Bob Burg, Art Burleigh, Corey Citron, Len Clements, Anthony Diaz, Michael Dlouhy, Steve Dom, John Milton Fogg, Monique Gallagher, Jim Gillhouse, Lim Eng Hai, Art Jonak, Nicki Keohohou, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Klaver, Brian Klemmer, Terri Levine, Mike Lewis, Linda Locke, John David Mann, Jillian Middleton, Kathi Minsky, Warren Nelson, Rod Nichols, Shelley Penney, Paul Zane Pilzer, Mike Pottillo, Paula Pritchard, Bob Proctor, Lorna Rasmussen, Kimberly Rhodes, Kathy Robbins, Teresa Romain, Tony Rush, Tim Sales, Tom Schreiter, Bo Short, Roberto Torres, Ty Tribble, Jackie Ulmer, Dr. Denis Waitley, Diane Walker, Wendy Weiss, Lisa Wilber, Dennis Williams and Mark Yarnell.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Mindset Shift: The book may emphasize the importance of adopting a positive and entrepreneurial mindset when entering the world of network marketing.

  2. Building Relationships: Successful network marketing often relies on building strong and authentic relationships. The book may provide insights into effective relationship-building strategies.

  3. Effective Communication: Network marketers need to communicate persuasively. The book might offer guidance on crafting compelling messages and effectively presenting the benefits of products or services.

  4. Duplication and Replication: Network marketing often involves duplication and replication of successful strategies. The book may discuss methods for creating a system that others can easily duplicate for success.

  5. Product Knowledge: Deep knowledge of the products or services being marketed is crucial. The book may emphasize the importance of understanding the features and benefits to effectively convey them to potential customers.

  6. Team Building: Network marketing is about creating and leading a team. The book may provide insights into effective team-building strategies, leadership skills, and fostering a collaborative environment.

  7. Time Management: Efficient use of time is essential. The book might offer tips on time management, prioritizing tasks, and balancing various aspects of a network marketing business.

  8. Handling Rejections: Rejections are a natural part of network marketing. The book may provide strategies for handling rejection positively and turning it into a learning experience.

  9. Leveraging Technology: In the modern era, technology plays a significant role in network marketing. The book may discuss how to leverage online tools, social media, and digital platforms for effective marketing.

  10. Continuous Learning: Network marketing is an evolving field. The book might encourage continuous learning, staying updated on industry trends, and adapting strategies accordingly.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2009

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