The Second Chance : Mistakes Are Always Pardonable If Repentance Is Genuine

Suhas Inamdar



Do you think the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct?

How confident are you that your friendly doctor is not a pill mill doctor and is not prescribing you unnecessary tests?

How sure are you that your lawyer is ethical and not a fat cat?

Does the new media’s febrile and vituperative reporting arouse your interest?

Do you think the culture of character assassination by the fourth estate fosters positivity in societies?

These questions are pertinent today, more than ever, as professional ethics and morals are being seriously eroded by some ambitious people.

The Second Chance is a riveting story of three friends – a doctor, lawyer and journalist – who start their careers with good intent but on the way, they go astray. In blind pursuit of unending wealth and wild success, the trio compromises on moral issues blatantly.

Will they ever listen to the voice of their soul?

Can the trio ever reflect on their actions?

If they do, will it be easy to retract their steps after travelling deep into the jungle of unethical practices?

The Second Chance is an inspiring and thought-provoking tale of professional ethics, morals and morality that will certainly tickle your scruples. Read to find out if a sinner can ever become a saint!

Language English
ISBN-10 1643240641
ISBN-13 978-1643240640
No of pages 278
Book Publisher Suhas Inamdar
Published Date 27 Apr 2018

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