Butter Chicken In Ludhiana

Pankaj Mishra



Pankaj Mishra’s Butter Chicken In Ludhiana: Travels In Small Town India was first published in 1995. This book is a classical non-fiction, aiming to describe the changing face of India, during globalisation.Small and short conversations with different people about their mindset and living style are described in this book.

The people includes young women from Jhansi, with dreams of winning a beauty pageant, and Naxalites in Bihar trying to initiate a revolution, and a young man from Gujarat speaking of killing Muslims in public. The author has shared all his experiences through this book. Butter Chicken In Ludhiana:

Travels In Small Town India is an interesting read with a rich variety of languages and cultures. The stories in this book are full of irony, humor, and violence. There are so many characters portrayed in this book, and Mr. Sharma from Ambala stands out.

The lifestyles of both village and city folk are depicted by the author, in this book which narrates the differences between the dreams and psychology of these people. In Butter Chicken In Ludhiana, the author talks about the reason of unemployment, which is caused by small fast food chains in small towns. This book is the new edition published by Picador in 2007, and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This book is one of the most acclaimed travel books with lots of irony, humour, suspense, and violence.
  • Every religion, culture, and caste is explained in this book.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-330-44412-3
ISBN-13 978-0330444125
No of pages 273
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Picador
Published Date 19 Jan 2007

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