Sick of Being Healthy

Monisha K Gumber



"Tara, a young teenager is blessed with a little bit too much of health for her own good. Desperate to get the guy of her dreams, she ends up playing a very dangerous game- a game that could cost her friendship, her peace of mind and even her life ! Actually that's an exaggeration but yes, she does make some serious blunders in her quest for a perfect body to impress her one true love. Can she do it an d is it all really worth it?

Welcome to her world and discover her inspiring journey towards real health and happiness, meet her stunning high achiever best friends and her parents who never seem to be satisfied. Let down by her own sister and under constant pressure to do well in studies, she learns how to fight her confidence and self-esteem issues and emerge a winner in the end."

Language English
ISBN-10 9789352017232
ISBN-13 9789352017232
No of pages 159
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 11 Aug 2016

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Author : Monisha K Gumber


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