Workout Your Soul

Sonia Singh



A strong, undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith not rigid, dogmatic religion. This is the main theme of my book. This unique way of life can unite all humans. The Almighty God is one and one alone. Only the routes to him are diverse. All religions have the same virtues for the soul. Only if we look beyond the outer will we reach the true treasure of our inner. This makes you not only blissful but also changes your life for the best.

I have discussed each attribute in detail in eighteen chapters from the magnanimous, untamed ego to the tender, compassionate giving; from the security of love to the hurtfulness of negativity. Awareness in us, common people leading our busy lives, and small changes in our thoughts and emotions can make our family life a paradise. This infectious paradise can begin the altering of this whole world.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789385440021
ISBN-13 9789385440021
No of pages 100
Book Publisher Red-Ink Publishers
Published Date 01 Jan 2015

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