The One to One B2B: Customer Relationship Management Strategies for the Real Economy

Martha Rogers


In Circulation

Imagine that you lived in a city made of steel and woke up one morning to discover the entire city had been turned to glass. Everything that had been opaque would be transparent, everything sturdy would be fragile. One false move, even the slightest slip and--boom!--everything around you could shatter.

Nowhere does this frightening image seem more real than in the realm of business-to-business commerce, where the Internet is recasting and remodeling nearly every existing relationship. Although consumer marketers may have been first to launch Web-based, customer-centric initiatives, it is the business-to-business companies that have the most to gain.

They also have the most to lose by doggedly sticking with outdated traditional market penetration strategies. In One to One B2B, marketing gurus Don Peppers and Martha Rogers argue persuasively that in the broad arena of business-to-business commerce, organizations will rise or fall on the basis of their abilities to cultivate one-to-one relationships with their customers.

In a series of richly detailed case studies, the authors paint vivid portraits of B2B organizations wrestling with front-burner issues such as channel complexity, customer valuation, account development, sales force automation, knowledge-based selling, and new modes of compensation.

And they squarely tackle the question of how much technology is too much, arguing that one shouldn't ask "How can you use technology to automate a relationship?" but ,rather, "How can you use technology to strengthen a relationship and make it more valuable over time?"

In One to One B2B, readers will discover the critical role a "learning relationship" plays in developing new and existing customers to their fullest potential, as well as strategies designed specifically to unlock higher levels of profitability, ensure client loyalty, and fight margin erosion in the face of intense global competition. The result is an indispensable handbook on how to create and develop business-to-business sales and marketing techniques successfully in the bump and grind of the real world.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Individualized Customer Relationships: The One-to-One B2B strategy focuses on building and maintaining individualized relationships with business customers, recognizing their unique needs and preferences.

  2. Customer-Centric Approach: Successful B2B CRM involves aligning business strategies with the needs and expectations of the customers, placing the customer at the center of decision-making processes.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging data and analytics is crucial for understanding customer behavior, preferences, and trends. This information is used to make informed decisions and tailor offerings.

  4. Personalization: Tailoring products, services, and interactions to meet the specific needs of each business customer is a key aspect of the One-to-One approach.

  5. Continuous Communication: Establishing ongoing, open lines of communication with business customers fosters trust and allows for timely responses to changing needs.

  6. Customer Lifetime Value: The focus is not just on individual transactions but on the long-term value that each customer brings to the business. This involves nurturing and retaining customers over time.

  7. Cross-Channel Integration: Integrating communication and interactions across various channels ensures a seamless and consistent experience for B2B customers.

  8. Adaptability: The One-to-One B2B strategy requires adaptability to changing market conditions, customer preferences, and technological advancements.

  9. Employee Engagement: Recognizing the role of employees in delivering personalized service and ensuring they are engaged in customer-centric practices is vital.

  10. Measuring Success: Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of B2B CRM initiatives, including metrics related to customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.

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Published Date 22 May 2001

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