Thorns To Competition.

Arindam Chaudhuri



Key Features/Quotes: "I've always been a great believer of advertising and marketing as it is the final frontier between making a good product and creating a stickiness with the consumer. Arindam and Rajita's book actually spells it out in the clearest, still tongue-in-cheek manner that is possible." - Shahrukh Khan " ...this gem of a book will show business and marketers a whole new way of looking at marketing - the T-H-O-R-NS to Competition way!" - Alyque Padamsee About the Book: Thorns to Competition THORNS TO COMPETITION is a book that presents a set of competition-beating strategies to sell a product. It showcases the selling mantra of the 21 st century through the acronym T-H-O-R-N-S. The authors profile the Thorns' in Competition thus: TARGET IT RIGHT HIT WHERE IT HURTS OBSESS WITH IT REINVENT IT NAIL IT SELL IT

Language English
ISBN-10 9788125951940
ISBN-13 9788125951940
No of pages 319
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Book Publisher Vikas Publishing House
Published Date 29 Aug 2011

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