Neither Night Nor Day : 13 Stories By Women Writers From Pakistan

Rakhshanda Jalil



Neither Night Nor Day is a mix of thirteen short stories written by Pakistani women authors. This book shows readers the various viewpoints and ideologies that exist in the country and in the minds of its citizens. Neither Night Nor Day is a collection of thirteen short stories penned down by Pakistani women writers. This book takes readers right into Pakistan, as well as into the mindsets of Pakistanis.

An excellent blend of the old and new, Neither Night Nor Day celebrates the everyday life of the common men and women of this Islamic nation. The book starts off with an introduction by the editor Rakshanda Jalil. This is followed by the stories Plans in Pink by Kiran Bashir Ahmad, The Tongue by Nihat Hasan, She Who Went Looking For Butterflies by Zabiha Hana, and Leaves by Khalid Hussain.

The story after which the book has been named is written by Sabin Jaueri-Jillani. It showcases the struggle of a Pakistani woman in Britain. As she tries to establish her identity in a foreign land, readers learn about her insecurities and uncertainties. The next, The Breast by Sonia Kamal, tells the scary tale of how a woman is cruelly punished for nursing a stranger s baby, after having lost her own child to infanticide.

Soraya Khan s The Five Queen's Street highlights the brutality of the 1947 Partition, when a young Muslim girl watches in horror as her Hindu neighbor is kidnapped by a furious Muslim mob. The next few short stories are A Brief Acquaintance by Mania Naqvi, The Job Application by Nayaka Rahman, and A Sandstone Past by Sheba Sarwar.

The Wedding of Sundry is about the honor killing of a 12-year-old bride in rural Pakistan. Written by Bina Shah, this story is a heart-wrenching account of how a young girl loses her life over a trivial matter. The Gong by Qasida Shabazz, shares with readers the pain of a deaf and mute father, whose son is ashamed to accept him.

That Heathen Air is the last story of Neither Night Nor Day. This collection showcases the various realities of Pakistan. The stories are presented from the viewpoints of the old, the young, the immigrants, women, men, and more. As ideologies conflict with each other, these thirteen stories give a glimpse of things that also happen on this side of the border.

Language English
ISBN-10 9788172236915
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Book Publisher Harper Collins
Published Date 20 Sep 2007

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