Business Expectations: Are You Using Your Technology to Its Fullest?

Bryan Bergeron , jeffrey Blander



PRAISE FOR BUSINESS EXPECTATIONS ARE YOU USING TECHNOLOGY TO ITS FULLEST? "In the wake of the new economy hype, Business Expectations: Are You Using Technology to Its Fullest? provides a cogent analysis of the practical challenges involved in managing technology ventures. Along with a fantastically rich, compelling set of real-world cases, the authors provide an invaluable tool kit for anyone interested in commercializing new technology.

" Mary Tripsas, Professor, Harvard Business School "From the standpoint of an investor in biomedical technology, Business Expectations: Are You Using Technology to Its Fullest? provides a helpful schema for understanding the process of technology development and adoption. The books insights into the life cycle of a new technology are perceptive and draw upon a wide variety of interesting examples from different industrial settings.

" Michael Lytton, General Partner, Oxford Bioscience Partners Find out if youre using your technology to its fullest with: A road map that guides you along the technological and developmental path from concept to product Tools you can use to position your product or service in order to better satisfy customer needs The knowledge necessary to separate realistic and unrealistic expectations for your technology so you can push it to the limit of its capabilities A plan for marketing your product or service within the framework of your current e-business technology Expert guidance on what it takes to create, innovate, and dominate in the New Economy

Language English
ISBN-10 9780471208341
ISBN-13 9780471208341
No of pages 256
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Book Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Published Date 16 May 2002

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Author : Bryan Bergeron


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