Let It Snow

John Green & Maureen Johnson


On the Christmas Eve, snow storm would transform one small town into a romantic heaven. Bright colorful lights, snow on the roads, beautiful presents and ribbons make the night glittery. No one could think that a trip to waffle house trough four feet of snow would lead to a love story with an old friend. The story is quite hilarious and gets the reader in the holiday spirit. Let It Snow is an anthology of three short stories, compiled together by a thread written by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Laureen Myracle. It is a light, fun-loving and festive story. The book talks about convincing teen love. The authors share an ironic and peculiar sense of humor that helps binding their stories with a slightly different take on love, into one interconnected volume full of romance and holiday spirit.The first story is '’The Jubilee Express’’, the second is called '’A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle’’ and the third story is '’ The Patron Saint of Pigs. This book can be found on Amazon India easily
Language English
ISBN-10 9780141349176
No of pages 354
Book Publisher penguin
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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