Baba Batliwala on Bollywood

Cyrus M Gonda



Join Baba for a TRIP of the Hindi film industry's journey across the ages.

This is a book for lovers of Hindi films and Hindi film music from the glorious golden black-and-white (ironically the most deliciously colourful era).

Touching and fascinating insights from the lives and careers of the singers and the stars from the Golden Age of Hindi films. All narrated in Baba Batliwala's unique and inimitable style. Read and reminisce about the golden days that may never return.

To answer the question that is on many lips today – 'Is Bollywood collectively – as an industry - fast plunging towards its lowest possible depth because of the individuals and families who seem to currently exercise control over it?.....or has it already hitrock-bottom and has nowhere lower to go?'.....

The answer to that question would not be a hypothetical......'TIME WILL TELL'

Rather.................The answer in no uncertain terms is....................

Language English
ISBN-13 9788196720827
No of pages 277
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 09 Feb 2024

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