Politics of the Womb: The Perils of IVF, Surrogacy and Modified Babies

Pinki Virani



Among life’s choices is to have children or remain childfree. Yet those who want a child and find themselves unable, live through the trauma of ‘infertility’-cruelly attributed as ‘their fault’-to undergo the tribulations of assisted reproductive technology.

But how safe is aggressive Ivf, invasive Icsi, exploitative ovarian hyper-stimulation and commercial surrogacy? Politics of the Womb proves that there can be broken babies and breaking mothers; it rips away the romanticism around uterus transplants, warns of genetic theft and ‘designer babies’, and points to the human element being sacrificed, as artificial reproduction uses, reuses and recycles the woman.

Pinki Virani combines investigation with analysis to question those who lead the worldwide onslaught on the woman’s womb in the name of babies, and squarely confronts what has become the business of baby-making by a chain of suppliers that manufactures on demand.

Written in a manner accessible to all, here finally is a path-breaking book which speaks up, in no uncertain terms, for the right to informed choice on responsible reproduction.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780670088720
ISBN-13 9780670088720
No of pages 378
Book Publisher Penguin Random House India Private Limited
Published Date 29 Aug 2016

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