Piece Of Cake.

Swati Kaushal



Mina Sharma, MBA. Five foot ten twenty-nine-year-old with a hyperactive conscience and a ton of attitude. Mina wants it all-a successful career at International Foods, a lifestyle to match, and a 'totally cool' guy who'll buy her diamonds, bring her flowers, and laugh at her jokes.

But given the unending record of her life's embarrassments, it's not going to be that simple. Especially when her mother has decided to take charge of the matrimonial front, and the choice Mina has to make is between a wild and sexy radio jockey and a brilliant but boring oncologist.

And it doesn't help that her new colleague on a make-or-break 'Cakes' assignment is a nasty, grudge-bearing kid from her childhood who just might be out to sabotage her career.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-14-303239-9
ISBN-13 978-0143032397
No of pages 367
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin India
Published Date 30 Nov 2004

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Author : Swati Kaushal

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