The Ascent of Love




When Taara met Vedant, she fell in love for the first time. However, she could not perceive that a feeling as pure as love can turn into something so toxic for her.

As she decided to leave her love behind and climb peaks of the world, she knew that the love for the peaks was not hers either.

As she questions herself and is inept to understand why she is not able to forget her past, her ascent to the peaks was making the difference apparent to her. Something she already knew.

Had she found a new love, or was love back in an old package to spite her again? Does a difficult mountaineering course in Kashmir prove to be the turning point in her life? Will she be able to complete her 'Ascent of Love' the way she intended to, or will a hailstorm change the plan of her life?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789388333672
ISBN-13 9789388333672
No of pages 179
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Invincible Publishers
Published Date 25 May 2019

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Author : Rooprashi


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